Monday, 2 June 2014

Robin and Jane: Where love meets!

It was just one of  those days that everyone wished to have it in their lives. It was a blooming week, festival of flowers started. Flowers adorned everywhere and its scent all over the place. It all started on that day when he wished that girl.

He wished and asked, "Don't you invite me  to your Home?".

"why not"
"I'm ready to welcome you  with a broom," She smiled.

He chuckled, "if you're  the one who will beat me, then it's  my pleasure"

They laughed together. They talked like they know each other for a long time. They knew  each other, but they haven't spoken until that time, and it was the first time; they were talking to each other. Every time she tried  to  mock  him . They didn't  know their  name, and they didn't  even ask each other .

It was not only the festival  of flowers, but it was also blooming  of a flower in their lives, love. They knew that it would lead them to somewhere into a new place in their lives. Since that day, they talked  each other everyday and spent some time. Most of  the times, they just talked  general things, their likes and dislikes. They knew that both like to read. They have discussed  about the books whatever  they read. One of those days, Robin and Jane were discussing about reading books.

One day,  she told him , "read this book, Pride  and prejudices"

He smiled  and said, " I will read"

He inquired,  "what kind of books you prefer to read? "

"I like to read novel most if the time," she looked  at him.

He smiled, "Wow!, So  you're  a romantic person?  Isn't it?"

Without any delay,  she said, "Yes, I'm  romantic, but when only comes to rain,  no one has given the feeling of rain"

"You mean I have to compete  with the rain," He chuckled and said, "I'm kidding,"

She smiled and asked, "what kind of books you read?"

"I like to read wisdom, leadership  and  some psychological books too," He said.

 "I don't like to read that kind of books; it's all about boring," She gave a weird look at him.

"I agree;  it's a  boring subject.  Who is your favourite  author? " He asked.

" It's Jane Austen, then who is yours? " she asked

" I like to read the  writings of Robin Sharma,"  He answered.

"oh I see,  Robin,"  She said.

"Robin?,  Yes, Jane,"  He smiled.

Robin smile; Jane smiled; Both smiled :)

Robin and Jane were born at that time, where love meets Robin and Jane.


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